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Before the white settlement, aboriginal people survived off the indigenous flora and fauna of the Australian environment for thousands of years.


Across the many diverse environments of Australia, they knew how to find food and water.

Indigenous groups would often trek from season to season; moving to where they knew a range of food sources would be obtainable.


Without outside influence, Aborigines have a unique Australian recipe style influenced by the lands natural food resources for the last 40,000 years. With the arrival of settlers and immigrants from distant lands, they also brought with them recipes from their native lands to Australia.



Early 20th Century European immigrants such as Germans, Italians and French helped to found and cultivate the Australian wine industry that had become so lucrative by the 21st century that it prompted a further influx of men and women into the continent.

Immigration to Australia since the early 1945 has had a foremost multicultural impact upon Australian recipes and culture. How Australians eat and drink was now influenced by the new products, recipes and cuisine newly acquired for their taste buds.

Australia Recipe

For instance, European migrants brought with them a fondness for espresso coffee.


This has overtaken tea as the mainly popular hot beverage prepared in restaurants and cafes.


Pasta dishes, another dish considered a staple of many European countries, has become one of the most popular choices on the carte du jour for many Australians.

Where once the Australian recipes was based fully upon its British and Irish legacy, by the end of the 20th century, recipes have evolved and the public were often enjoying a variety of Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese recipes and cuisines featured in restaurants and homes.


And with later immigrants to the country, Australian recipes have come to include multicultural foods and drinks from across Asia, The Middle East, Europe and Africa.


After some time, local aboriginal cuisine started to make a comeback with a twist. The local seafood, lamb roast, kangaroo meat, wichety grubs and other known staple Aboriginal foods, Irish stew, meat and four vegs, bangers and mash of the early migrants have now been complemented with a myriad of other cuisine styles and recipes. Lasagna, kebabs, mousaka, sweet and sour pork, dim sums, hot curries, bouillabaisse, venison, Creole carri poule, goulash, lahksa, frankfurter dishes and many more can now be found substituting some of the local culinary recipes. In addition, the arrival of tourism has created a whole new plethora of modern day foods and Australian recipes expertly prepared with the abundant supply of local and foreign ingredients.

Australian Recipes

In the current cuisine scene, Australian recipes of local bush tucker preparation remain mainly as a novelty. Game meats such as kangaroo, wallaby and the likes are mostly available as specialty items.

There has also been a growing awareness of cultural and religious food requirements, such as Halal diets and Kosher practices that has further added to the palatable diversity of the Australian taste buds.



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