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Australia has always been a ‘hot’ property market. Through the years, much land in the country-continent has been developed into residential and commercial centers. Across the country, numerous sites have become ideal and attractive property locations, attracting not just locals but also foreign real investors.However, in the past months, the Australian real estate industry has been starting to feel the impact of the global economic turmoil. Experts assert that the property market performance in the country is slowing down to levels reminiscent of the property slowdown 15 years ago. This is not unique to Australia since property industry slumps have already been at place for several years already particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Many analysts are still thankful that the global property decline is not bearing much to the Australian real estate market.
Australia Real Estate

To date, properties in the central business district in Brisbane are the most in demand in Australia. Some are surprised that Sydney CBD property market is slowing down. The retail sector of the property industry is performing poorly.

 This is not surprising as many investors, especially from other countries, are holding back on new and expansion investments. Local property analysts warn that the situation is not reaching the bottom yet, but it is not expected to become truly laggard, as in the case of other foreign property markets.


In fact, Australian properties are surprisingly becoming more popular these days especially from foreign prospective buyers.

Despite the fact that local real estate investments are not lowering price tags, many potential buyers are still looking out. Most inquiries for possible property investments are focused at Queensland’s development zone. Analysts say most prospective buyers still think that buying real estate in the Australian Zone is still viable, sound and non-risky. This is in some way very surprising, especially to the global property market.

It also helps that the Australian government is reforming its property market so that foreign investors and buyers could find it easier and more practical to acquire Australian properties. The Foreign Investment Review Board has eased the recently stringent restrictions for foreigners buying Australian properties.


Among the major moves, the board is allowing more ‘temporary residents’ to buy real estate.


Administrative procedures are also streamlined so that buyers will not be turned off by the tediousness of buying and registering properties.


Australia real estate definitely is not cheap. In fact, it remains one of the most expensive in the world. However, because of many favorable factors, it is still viable, safe and practical to invest in the Australian property market.

Australian Real Estate

It is not surprising that despite the global slump in properties, development is continuous in the land down under.



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