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Australian radio joins the digital age as several digital radio services are switched on now in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Digital radio will offer new stations like Austereo’s Radar and DMG’s Koffee and Novanation where you can listen to your current preferred radio stations with digital sound feature.
There are many advantages to digital radio. First and foremost, digital radio gives you enhanced audio quality that is superior to FM. The digital Australian radio will be interference free. Digital radios are going to be easier to tune with listeners able to choose a station by name from a menu. The digital broadcast will provide better reception, additional details about advertised products, news items, discussion topics, graphics, pictures and animation.



Another added feature such as pause and rewind will be available on various digital receivers. Perhaps Australia’s digital radio's most groundbreaking capability lies with its data broadcasts. With an information feed sent along with sound on a digital radio transmission, listeners that have digital radios with LCD screens can collect information such as what song's title, what station they are tuned in, real-time news feeds, contact numbers that correspond to the advertisements the listener is hearing and much more. Another feature of digital radios is their onboard storage capability. This allows the listener to pause live radio or rewind.

The Federal Government of Australia has not mandated any digital radio requirement for regional areas yet. Instead the government has opted to permit radio broadcasters and stations to shift at their own pace. However, they have indicated previously that the government is willing to subsidize and fund any bush rollout. They have urged broadcasters to initiate trials of digital radio feeds in regional areas so technical and other issues can be identified and resolved.

The bottom line for regional listeners is a greater longer wait than their city cousins for the benefits of digital radio. It is estimated that it could takes years before digital radio is widespread and used throughout Australia. Based on a set of 2005 guidelines, Australian radio broadcasters are given six years from the beginning of digital broadcasts in a locale.


This is to make certain that the broadcast range of digital frequencies is extensive and widespread as current analog transmissions. No switch-off date has been given by the federal government for analog broadcast signals. Digital radio is seen as a supplement rather than a replacement. Unlike digital TV broadcasts, there is no necessity for broadcasters to simulcast their programming in both analog as well as digital. This enables Australian radio stations to broadcast some content solely on digital.
To listen and avail to the features of digital radio, consumers will have to upgrade to a new receiver. Digital radios, capable of receiving the digital feed, will come in various shapes and sizes, including MP3 devices, portable players and hi-fi systems. PC radios on the other hand, which plug into a computer or laptop and allow receiver capabilities to be controlled from the computer screen, will also be available.


Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has already started preparation on the digital radio deployment in other regions throughout Australia. A regional trial of digital radio will start later this year and CRA is working hand in hand with the Federal Government to allot VHF Band III spectrum for the test. Commercial digital radio broadcast services are now on at optimum power in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Sydney is currently on broadcasting in DAB+ at a low frequency power. It expected that higher frequency broadcasts will begin from around the 30th of June 2009. Both ABC and SBS are expected to initiate digital broadcast services starting June.



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