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Australia Quarantine



Quarantine in Australia

Australia quarantine systems ensure that the country’s imports (particularly livestock and food like meat, seed, fish, vegetables, fruits and grains) have undergone quarantine risk control. Australia quarantine and export legislations also aim to establish improvements in market access opportunities.

The country wants to make sure its exports are all meeting standard requirements of all importing countries.

This way, trade relations are strengthened. If the country wants to safeguard the quality and safety of its exports, in the same way, it also aims to block imports from other countries that may carry and spread contagious diseases, pests and other pathological organisms.




For more than a hundred years now, Australia quarantine has significantly reduced the occurrence and threats of pest outbreaks.


Australia Quarantine

The nation-continent’s geographical isolation naturally prevents entry of diseases and pests (which threaten not just agriculture but also health of overall population and environment) but due to the increasing level of international travel and trade, the risks are practically rising.

Australia has long maintained and kept its reputation as an active exporter of clean and high-quality agricultural products. It is a common knowledge that exotic diseases and pests could pose serious health, economic and environmental consequences to the country.


That is why the government has put up stringent Australia quarantine requirements to implement protection of agricultural industries, human health and local environment.

The quarantine system holds control of borders nationwide to reduce and eliminate possible entries of exotic diseases and pests. The Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) is the main national government agency that is mandated to implement Australia quarantine measures and legislations. AQIS is under the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. It is tasked to primarily manage quarantine controls at borders, ports, air terminals and other entry points to minimize risks of entry and exit of exotic diseases and pests. Because of that mandate, AQIS also conducts export and import inspection, then processes certification to ensure overall product safety.

To date, Australia is noted as being one of the nations where quarantine measures are strongest. Quarantine measures not just apply to products but also to passengers, cargo, mail and vessels. AQIS is most visible at international airports, seaports, international mail hubs and cargo centers nationwide.

AQIS has the legal right to inspect all items going to and coming from Australia. Upon detection of risky and infected items, the agency could impose immediate treatment, confiscation and destruction. People who are carrier of contagious diseases are also isolated and securely transported back to their origins. All luggages of air and sea transports are also subjected to thorough inspection.
Thus, all travelers to going to Australia are required to declare everything in their luggage, from small animals to plants and food products like meat and dairies. Penalties imposed to quarantine law breaches involve hefty fines and unfavorable imprisonment. Needless to say, Australia is very much committed to remain free of exotic diseases and pests.



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