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Australia Quality of Life



Quality of Life in Australia

It has become noticeable that a lot of people from different parts of the world seem to want to migrate and start a new life in Australia.


There must be a very good reason why a lot of people want to leave their country behind and all their relative and friends in exchange for a chance in Australia.


So what is it that people find in Australia so attractive? Is it the beauty of the place? Or is it the abundance of job opportunities?


How about the kind of governance? Or the kind of citizens that live here? I say, it’s all of the above. All those put together make a great quality of life in Australia. And that is what everybody is looking for.


Australia is one of the world’s finely developed countries with a lot of business and job opportunities for both its local and foreign citizens.

And because of that it has grown into a multicultural society with the growing number of immigrants it receives every once in a while.

Australia was able to maintain a healthy working and living environment for every citizen by giving importance on civil and political rights, economic freedom, health care, public education, and the individual’s total human development. You can’t find a better country that takes better care of its people.

Australia has even been hailed by the United Nations as the second best country in the whole world to live in. The United Nations acknowledged that the quality of life that the Australians enjoy is something not seen in every developed countries. There are other developed countries out there that don’t necessarily give a quality living to its people.


Australia Quality of Life

They may have jobs and good salary but their people are stressed and not at all very healthy. Australia affords its people a complete well-being. From monetary to physical, up to the emotional and psychological well-being of a person. Here, everybody has access to education and the arts. Crime rate is comparatively low. Environment is not polluted. Everything looks so fresh and nice. No wonder, people living here enjoy a longer life expectancy.

The place is not too fast-paced like most developed countries. It affords the laid-back atmosphere without falling behind in economy.


The people enjoy enough vacation and relaxation, so they are not too stressed and problematic. In fact, The Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit conducted a study to come up with a list of the Top Eight cities to live in the world and five Australian cities made it to that list. These Australian cities are Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.



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