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The Australia Post was founded in 1901 and was known at this period Postmaster General’s Department. There has been in the last fifteen years a lot of changes and transformation which has been made.


The headquarters of the Australia Post is located in Melbourne, Australia. The first duty of postmaster was assumed by Isaac Nichols an ex convict, in Sydney.


Isaac Nichols was born in England at Calne Wiltshire on 29 July 1770. He was a public servant, farmer and ship owner.

In 1790, Isaac Nichols was found guilty of stealing and was sentenced of transportation for seven years at Warminster Sessions.



In October 1791 Nichols arrived in New South Wales in the Admiral Barrington. Impressed by his sobriety and diligence the Governor Hunter attributed Isaac Nichols as chief overseer of the convict gangs round Sydney.
Australia Post

When his sentenced expired in 1897 the Governor Hunter gifted him 50 acres of land in Concord district where he started his farm which was very successful.


A private servant of George Panton was appointed in 1828 first Australian Postman in Sydney. The first overland mail service between Sydney and Melbourne was in 1838.


The first adhesive stamp was issued in 1838, in 1841 was built the first official post office in Melbourne. In 1844 was provided for each town the first letter box.


The first rail mail run was finished in 1849 from Sydney to Parramatta and in 1856 started the monthly sea mail to England.

The first stamp designed for the Commonwealth was released in 1913, in 1914 was carried the first domestic airmail between Melbourne and Sydney.


The first overseas mail started in 1919 which arrived from England to Darwin on a WW1 Ace. In 1962 was installed in Melbourne the first automatic postal station.


In 1999 was introduced the bar coded mail.The Australia Post is a Government business until today with a monopoly in Australia. Nowadays the Australia operates in three core areas which are: parcels and logistics, letters, retail and agency services.

When you now visit Australia nowadays, there is in every town and cities enough letter boxes to put in your postcards and letters.




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