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When the telephone was invented in the 17th century, no one thought it would be as highly useful as it is today. It seems that most people could not do without the telephone. Whether a landline, a mobile or an Internet phone, the telecom device’s functions and usefulness could not be neglected and underestimated.
The telephone is useful mostly because it could bridge the gap and distances facilitated by geography. People in Australia can get in touch with friends, families and business partners in North America, Europe, Asia and all other inhabited continents. Likewise, people from all over the world could easily reach by phone their friends and acquaintances who are based in the land down under.



If you are calling anyone in Australia from elsewhere in the world, there is a need for you to know and take note of several access numbers like the international access code and the Australian country and area codes.

The international access code is a number prefix that any long distance caller should dial before pressing the Australian phone number. For example, if you are calling from the US, your international access code is 011, which should be dialed first before dialing the Australian phone number you are calling.


Australia Phone Code

The Australia phone code is comprised of two numbers. The first is the country code, which is 61 for Australia.

The second is the local area code, which varies across states or cities. Local area code for Sydney and Canberra is 2; for Brisbane and Cairns is 7; for Adelaide, Perth and Darwin is 8; and for Melbourne is 3.


Local subscriber or landline phone numbers in Australia are usually comprised of eight digits. Thus, if you are calling someone in Sydney, the number to dial is 2 + the 8-digit number; do not forget to dial your international access code first (verify with your phone service operator if you are not sure about your code). 


Calling within Australia is never a problem. If you are calling to another state or area, dial the corresponding or assigned local area code of the party you are calling. Calling someone within the same area, state or city does not require dialing a local area code. If you are calling an international number from Australia, the international access code is 0011.

Dialing a cellular phone number has a slightly different mechanics. The local area code should be replaced with only one number---4. Thus, if you are calling someone through his mobile phone in Australia, dial 0 (which is a replacement for 61, the country code) + 4 + the main mobile number. Calling a mobile phone in Australia from a different country requires the use of an international access code + the country code of Australia + 4 + the main cellular phone number. For example, if you are calling from the US, press 011 61 4 xxxx xxxx.



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