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Australia Open - Open in Australia



Open in Australia - Australia Open

Tennis is one of the top favorite sports in Australia. This is the reason the annual Australia Open is very much anticipated and watched. The tennis tournament is one of the four major Grand Slam tournaments, the most important and major tennis events in the world that also include French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

So far, the Australia Open is topping the three others in terms of tradition, world ranking points, public attention and prizes. Australia Open is a tournament featuring singles competitions (men and women), mixed doubles and competitions for junior and master categories. The annual tournament has been one of the major tourism events every January in Melbourne, Victoria. The event is regularly held at Melbourne Park’s hard courts.



The tournament started in 1905. Since its beginning until 1987, Australian Open has been held on grass. The tournament started in 1905. Since its beginning until 1987, Australian Open has been held on grass.

It was only in 1988 that the competition has started being held at hard courts. Currently, tournament events are held at Melbourne Parks’ Hisense Arena and Rod Laver Arena. Both main courts feature retractable roofs that can be shut when there is extreme heat or sudden rain.


Australia Open

Every year, attendance in every Australian Open event never fails. In fact, the tournament is noted for its very high attendance. The 2009 Australian Open has the record of attaining the highest day/night, single-day attendance record in the history of any Grand Slam tennis tournament. The Open attracted some 66,018 audience. This is surprising given the current economic and financial turmoil. All in all, the record Australian Open contributed up to A$85 million to the national economy.
The tennis tournament is being managed by Tennis Australia, which used to be known as Lawn Tennis Association of Australia or LTAA. In history, the first Australian Open was held at Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground, located at St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.  


The site has been renamed as Albert Reserve Tennis Centre. Australia Open was first called The Australasian Championships. In 1927, it became the Australian Championships. Only in 1969 was it called the Australian Open.

The events have not all been held in Melbourne. In some years in the past, other venues around the country and in New Zealand were used. In tally, for 50 years, the tournament was held in Melbourne; Sydney hosted Australia Open for 17 times, Adelaide for 14 times, Brisbane for 8 times, and Perth for 3 times. In New Zealand, the tournament was held in Christchurch in the year 1906 and then in Hastings in 1912. The decision to hold the event in Melbourne every year was reached in 1972.

Melbourne Park, originally Flinders Park, was built in 1988 for the Australian Open. It was designed to meet demands of tournament evolution. It was also made bigger to accommodate more audience. In 1988, during the first Australian Open in Melbourne Park, attendance jumped 90%, instantly confirming the good and successful decision to move venue.



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