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Although the online infrastructure in Australia is continuously developing and growing, the government is setting it clear that it is out to make the Internet a safer media for everyone.

There are numerous Internet issues that are being addressed by the federal government, in cooperation with the different Internet service providers nationwide. Surely,

Australia online is always kid-friendly, responsible and safe. Since 2000, a legislation called the Broadcasting Services Act has been closely monitoring the kind of content circulating across Australia online.

There are specific and immoral materials and contents that are being banned to make the online media safer and cleaner for everyone.



This has not been openly welcomed and embraced by the patrons of smut and hard-core adult material, but there are generally more people who are raving and having sighs of relief.

Is Australia online really free from adult content? Do not be misled. Internet in the country is not totally filtered to screen out content and entertainment for adults, who still have rights to enjoy what they want to enjoy as responsible individuals.


Australia Online

Online prohibitions only cover unlikely and taboo materials like child pornography, drug abuse, confidential crime information, bestiality and excessive violence. The Australian Broadcasting Authority is a regulator assigned to be the arbiter in making sure ISPs block access of Websites with such content within the country.

You might be asking, everyday, there are tens to hundreds of new Websites that are developed, designed and rolled out. How could local regulators and ISPs be sure that all banned content and materials will not find its way to Internet users’ computers?


The communications, information technology and arts ministry of Australia is mandated to produce and provide a comprehensive list of censored and banned Websites at least every six months.

Is freedom and privacy curtailed because of regulations and censorship in Australia online? The answer could still be a no. Internet users could still very much enjoy surfing and gathering information across the online media. It is just that higher level of responsibility is infused and applied. People with unlikely preference in information and perversity are advised not to take chances in finding the sites they like when in Australia. In contrast, parents could rest assured their kids and teens will not be easily exposed to unlikely and inappropriate content and materials.

In the workplace, employers are mandated to intercept and monitor emails and online activities of employees, only after such employees provide full consent to be subjected to such censorship. Again, employees are advised that personal emails and private materials should not be stored in office computers. Obviously and logically, online censorship is also most welcomed by employers, who could cut costs in monitoring office networks for possible use of smut and inappropriate adult materials, especially during office hours.



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