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The Australian television industry is very much alive and vibrant.

National broadcast firm Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in its efforts to bridge the geographic gap between Australians abroad, is operating Australia Network, a free-to-air satellite television network with an international reach.


The television service is principally aimed at Australian, and even non-Australian, viewers in India and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Australia Network is best known for its wide range of strategic programming, which targets audiences within the region. Highlights include news bulletins aired at intervals of two hours across various countries in the region.



Many non-Australian televiewers are also tuned in to some of the most educational English learning TV shows. Such educational offerings include shows like Living English, Study English, The Business of English and English Bites. To cater to conventional TV audiences, the network also airs soap operas, drama series and travel programs.

The news and current affairs function of Australia Network is one of the most noteworthy in the region. Aside from airing news bulletins every two hours, newscasts are not entirely focused in the country. IIn fact, there are always significant news feeds live via satellite from other locations like Beijing, Jakarta, South Pacific and New Delhi. The network obviously believes that the world is very much interested about the goings on.

Australia Network

And who would not notice and admire Australia Network’s reliable sports coverage? Australians are basically sports enthusiasts and fans. Thus, some of the most sought-after TV programs in Australia Network include the V8 Supercars, the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Football League and the National Rugby League.Before getting to become a phenomenal and huge broadcast item, Australia Network did a lot of evolutions. 


It was originally known as Australia Television, before it became ABC Asia Pacific.The network started in 2001, and has since then emerged as an international television service with goals of reaching as many Australians as it could outside the continent. Australia Network is beamed all day to about 44 nations in Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Pacific.

Being a part of ABC, Australia Network facilitates cross-cultural and inter-geographical communication. It encourages and promotes awareness about Australia and it builds solid regional partnerships. The television service operates along with International Projects, International Relations and Radio Australia in keeping Australians connected with the fast and constantly evolving planet. Since day 1, Australia Network has obviously strived to become more than just a digital television service: it entertains, informs and most importantly, inspires its target audience to accommodate and apply a unique and outstanding Australian perspective.

Needless to say, Australia Network certainly brings Australia to anywhere outside the continent. The network obviously strives to be of service to Australians wherever they could be. It is not surprising that soon, Australia Network would conquer the world as well.



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