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Australia National University



National University in Australia

Australian National University is recognized as the best university in the country-continent. The university has consistently been placing in good ranks within lists of no other than global university ranking systems Times Higher Education Supplement and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

To date, some of its staff and several alumni are Nobel laureates. Established through a legislative act of the Parliament in 1946, Australian National University (the only local university put up by federal legislation) has been instituted as a research and public teaching university.

It was founded to primarily conduct and promote significant research in the country. The campus is located at the national capital city of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.



Advanced Studies for post-graduate degree offerings. Undergraduate degrees are offered through the colleges of Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Engineering and Computer Science,

Law, Science, Medical and Health Science, and Asia and the Pacific (for studies focusing about cultures in the region).


The Australian National University



This university has seven distinct colleges offering undergraduate courses and an Institute of There are also 14 university centers, which are organized structures that draw resources from the Institute and Faculties.


The huge campus is covering areas in Canberra and the nearby suburb of Acton.


The area adjoins native bushlands of Lake Burley Griffin and Black Mountain. Within the center are located eight of the university’s nine affiliated colleges and halls. One hall is distinctly situated at Northbourne Avenue, within another suburb, Braddon.


To date, Australian National University is being governed by a council, which consists of 15 members. It has also been an active member institution of some cooperative networks and university alliances,

which include the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, the Group of Eight, the International Alliance of Research Universities, and the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.

The quality of education provided is best demonstrated and attested by the success and popularity of some of its notable alumni.

No less than Prime Minister Kevin Rudd heads the roster of Australian National University’s graduates.


The university’s academic leaders also include some of the best and most recognized in many disciplines, including astronomer Bart Bok, mathematician Hanna Neumann, and historian Manning Clark.

Australia National University

To keep up with the times, Australian National University is constantly adapting innovations and breakthroughs. The university now has online systems that facilitate effective services for teaching. It has launched Web Access To Teaching and Learning Environments or WATTLE, a new framework aimed at bringing together modern online systems for teaching and learning.

WATTLE is now used to facilitate and support distance education courses. The first flexible program to use this system is Green ICT Strategies, which is now one of the popular courses offered by the university. Australian National University is obviously and logically poised to move further, addressing the challenges of the modern times to education.



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