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Australia museum is where one can find and learn of the rich cultural heritage and scientific history of the land called “Down Under”—Australia. Located in the central business district of the famously beautiful city of Sydney, Australia Museum acts as a popular cultural attraction not only to foreign tourists but to locals and foreign immigrants as well. It is most popular to students and scholars as it is a treasure cove of valuable information useful for research and education.


The museum’s sandstones walls are lined with numerous interesting articles from fossils of prehistoric animals of different phyla, classes, families, and species, to prized gemstones, to ancient records and proofs of early human habitation.



Different sizes and colors of precious stones, meteorites, fishes and other water creatures, insects, minerals, and even dinosaur bones can be found here.

Specimens of animals endemic to Australia are also showcased in the museum such as scary reptiles, bright-colored birds, and scaly fishes that can’t be found in any other parts of the world. From these artifacts, one will learn the making of one of the most beautiful nation in the world.
Australia Museum

There are over 16.5 million articles that together weave the timeline of Australia’s cultural and environmental history. Visitors are provided with information about each of the artifacts on display. Brief descriptions or summaries are provided on the panels beside the artifacts while brochures of information are also available at the reception. A tour guide is also available to tell you fascinating facts and figures about the artifacts. Each artifact tells you a story of how Australia came to be and somehow provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the land’s beauty. They tell you the beginnings and the journeys the land has gone through before becoming what it is now. As the Australia Museum’s tag line says, this is where past meets the future. It is truly a gateway to the colorful past and what seems to be an entirely different world from today.


Mere words cannot describe the wonderful things one can observe in the museum. It is simply a jaw-dropping experience. Australia Museum is able to have this quite impressive presentation through painstakingly detailed collection management and scientific research.

The museum also hosts various programs such as exhibitions and events to raise public awareness on the rich culture of Australia, extending to the neighboring Pacific region.

Australia museum thrives on donations from partners, sponsors and its members. Income from local visitors and across the globe also helps the budge. And of course, the unrelenting support of the museum’s staff and volunteers proves to be very invaluable.



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