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Largest Lake in Australia

The country of Australia is home to a lot of beautiful serene lakes that make this planet a lot lovelier to live in. These lovely lakes add to the charm of this already enchanting place. You can find them all over the place complemented with charming neighborhood and friendly citizens. Australia’s top 20 largest lakes include, Lake Gairdner in South Australia, measuring 10,917 sq. km.; Lake Carnegie in Western Australia, with 5,714 sq. km.;

Lake Mackay along the borders of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, with 5,488 sq. km.; Lake Torrens in South Australia, spanning 5,420 sq. km.; Lake Macleod in the Western regions, with 5,414 sq. km.; North and South Lake Eyre in Southern Australia, spanning 4,176 sq. km. and 1,465 sq. km., respectively;



Lake Frome in the Southern area as well, with 3,676 sq. km.; Lake Moore in the Western side, with 3,465 sq. km.; Lake Amadeus within the Northern Territory, with 1,993 sq. km.;

Lake Wells in the Western area, with 1,895 sq. km.; Mongrels Lake also in the Western region, with 1,791 sq. km.; Lake Blanche in the South with 1,712 sq. km.;

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The Coorong in the Southern region, with 1,663 sq. km.; Lake Carey in the West, with 1,582 sq. km.; Peera Peera Poolanna Lake in the South, with 1,431 sq. km.; Lake Raeside in the West, with 1,383 sq. km.;


Lake Argyle along the borders of Western and Northern Territory, with 1,264 sq. km.; and lastly, Lake Gregory in the West , with 1,043 sq. km.


Lake Gairdner is an endorheic salt lake named after an Australian Department Colonial Office Chief Clerk in October 1857, Mr. Gordon Gardner.


The honor was given by then South Australia Governor Richard MacDonnel. There are six rivers and creeks that go in and out of this lake.


These six confluents are Boolatta Creek, Garden Well Creek, Gorge Creek, Kalanna Creek, Jolly Creek and Yeltabinna Creek. Surrounding neighborhoods include the Roxby Downs, Woomera and Wudinna village.

Lake Carnegie, though second largest of Australian lakes, it is only filled with water during the rainy season; only when there is a significant amount of rain. The lake becomes a muddy marsh during the dry season.


This lake has nine confluents of creeks and rivers namely, Banjo Creek,


Brockman Creek, Cooba Cooba Creek, Kulele Creek, Milgarrie Creek, Miningarra Creek, Sholl Creek, Windidda Creek and Wongawol Creek. Surrounding neighborhoods include, Laverton, Leinster and Wiluna village.

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Lake Mackay is one of the many dry lakebeds in the country. It spans across the Northern Territory and Western Australia and graces the people of villages like Kintore, Nyrirripi and Wirrimano with its ethereal presence.



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