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Australia Koala



Koala in Australia


Koalas are found in Australia mainly in regions where are there are enough Gum Trees (Eucalypt forests), which are found in South Eastern Australia.

Usually the koalas are called koala bears but they are not bears koalas are mammal and marsupial, which means that they feed their babies with their own milk and carry their developing young in a pouch. The name koala was given by the Aboriginal which means no drink.

It is just because the koalas are animals that don’t drink a lot, the reason is that the eucalypt leaves has enough moisture and is enough for these animals to live with.


Koalas are known as lazy animals, they spent eighty percent of the time sleeping.



Koalas don’t like moving around during night or daylight but mainly short after sunset for feeding and bark loud at other koalas.

Australia Koala

The main food and almost only one are the Eucalypt leaves.

There are different Eucalypt trees and the koalas can feed on around twelve species of Eucalypt trees.


The koalas are usually ash grey in color, with a white chest and have a thick fur.


The koalas have flat nose, large hands which help them to climb the trees and strong limbs.

There is in Australia two koalas sub species, the North and South varieties.

The koalas mate usually during the summer between October and February.


The Joey comes to world after five weeks of conception; the baby is without hair and blind.


The Joey stays then in the mother’s pouch the next six months drinking milk and until one year the mother needs to give the baby supplementary food through its caecum.

When talking about Australia, Koalas are one of the animals that one thinks about.


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