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Australia Kakadu National Park



Kakadu National Park in Australia

Probably the most interesting tourist attraction in Australia is the Kakadu National Park, located in the country’s Northern Territory.

It can be found around 171 kilometer on the southeast side of Darwin. Covering an area of 4,894,000 acres of land, or 1,980,400 hectares, this vast land serves as a natural habitat for a lot of wild plants and animals.


This vastly diverse and abundant wildlife, of both flora and fauna, is what attracts tourists from all over the world. Its ethereal landscape is just but an icing on the cake such as the incredible gorges and waterfalls found within the park.


To name a few, there’s Gunlom, Maguk, Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.



The wide array of flowers and plants found in this park never cease to amaze visitors. Kakadu’s collection includes the Freshwater Mangrove, the Allosyncarpia, the Tropical Banksia, the Red-flowered Kurrajong,

the Green Plum, the Turkey Bush, the Kapok Bush, the Native Ginger, the Cooktown Ironwood, Darwin Woollybutt, the Banyan, Fern-leafed Grevillea, Beach Hibiscus,
Kakadu National Park

Sand Palm, Silver-leafed Paperbark or Gun-god, Red Lily, Blue Lily, Water Pandanus, Sandstone Pandanus, Spiral Pandanus, Spear Grass, Billy Goat Plum, and Yellow Bladderwort.

Kakadu National Park is also a treasure chest of many Australian Aboriginal rock art. You can also find there the popular sites of Ubirr and Nourlangie, which are the most often visited parts of the Park. The region is also well-known to bird watchers as it is the most perfect place in all Australia to watch birds. Here, you can find most of Australia’s interesting bird species—around 30 percent of all the species are here. For  the lovers of the wilds, they can enjoy sightings of saltwater crocodiles, swimming in the East Alligator River and the Yellow Water River.


These water beasts are so common here, that’s why visitors are advised to take utmost care when roaming around the park.

Fishes also abound in Kakadu’s waters so they also allow recreational fishing for those interested.


Visitors of the park will find the trip convenient as there are a number of accommodations to choose from just in the nearby town of Jabiru.


These accommodations are more than adequate to cater to everything a vacationer needs.


Basic services such as police and service station, medical clinic and shopping outlets are accessible within the vicinity.

Australia Kakadu Park

There are also camping areas for those who really want to experience the wilderness. But for those who don’t want to let go of some comfort such as toilet and shower rooms, there are commercial camping sites with such facilities and they only charge minimal fees.



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