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Australia comes across as a very different, if not altogether eccentric, nation from the rest of the Caucasian inhabited nations.


People suppose that having been colonized and primarily populated by convicts during that time have something to do with it.

And this greatly influenced the sense of humor of Australia. Jokes about Australia by people outside mainly revolve around this premise. Australia jokes are also greatly influenced by this historical fact.

Non-Australians used to joke about the continent as being the middle of nowhere. There is even a belief going around that the continent came from the word “Wallaborongamal”—from the Aboriginal language, which translates to “Where the bloody hell am I?”



This can be attributed to the vast arid lands and the general “outback” places in the continent, where the wild seems to be a common place.


Australia Jokes

Australians, on the other hand, find humor in almost anything under the sun. Australia jokes can be basically categorized into ironic, extreme, self-mocking, black, anti-authoritarian and mocking the wowser. Irony is the oldest humor in the book and should come as a no surprise.


Everybody laughs at the ironies of life. Self-mocking, though, is not everybody’s style of joke. Australians find it easier to make fun of themselves than other people. Maybe it’s because it is safer by the certainty that they are not going to hurt other people’s feelings.


So, they instead turn to themselves in making fun of their shortcomings or frailties as human beings.


However, contrary to that, their black jokes seem to do just about that. Most people, Americans especially, find it rude or bad taste to laugh at other people’s misfortunes.

Australians however, tend to look at the brighter (funny) side of the situation and make a laugh out of it instead of lamenting over it.

Something which some people think as admirable; and some think as poor taste. Australia jokes are also anti-authoritarian at times.


This means making up ridiculous and funny excuses or explanations to an authority figure to get away with a violation. It can be a ridiculous excuse to avoid ticket for no parking, or beating the red light, or just about anything. Something like saying you’d been hit by a deer, or ran over by a kangaroo.Meanwhile, mocking the wowser is something that I bet everybody would love to do.

Wowser is someone who is annoyingly self-righteous and know-it-all kind of person. Mocking the wowser means getting back at that person using his own reasoning by citing something stupid and absurd that would result from that reasoning. On the whole, Australia jokes are harmless and funny. Maybe just need some getting used to.



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