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The Australia-Japan Foundation is a joint foundation first established in 1976. Its aim is to fortify the Australia-Japan bond across a wide range of sectors from education, culture and at the same time business relations.
The foundation’s headquarters is located in Canberra and it is supported by an office at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

Projects and programs supported by the Australia Japan foundation help foster people-to-people interaction and engagement in a wide range of areas.

The Foundations’ activities increase understanding in Japan and Australian shared interests recognizing each others’ importance as an economic and strategic partner.



The Australia Japan Foundation is geared in delivering high quality programs that cater to particular themes of interests. First is the economic and trade relationship of the two countries. Second are the security and regional/ international relations that zeroes in on the shared contribution of the two nations in promoting peace and stability not only in its borders but the rest of the world.

Third is the cooperation of individuals as well as institutions in the field of education and science. Ultimately, this facet is aimed at enhancing research and educational development and other areas of contemporary interests. Society and culture lies in the fourth place. Professional, community and institutional linkages are further strengthened leading to enhanced mutual understanding and goodwill.

Australia Japan Foundation

Lastly, the fifth theme of the facet is communication, information and advocacy of information. Comprehensive, up to date relevant information is exchanged between the two nations to project a positive and accurate image of the countries to its constituents.


One of the goals of the foundation is to deliver self-sustaining projects to both countries. Projects that have the potential to deliver medium to long term outcomes and in the course of the project, engage current and future influential supporters and advocates.


From these projects, the Australia Japan foundation hopes to maximize benefits at the same time minimizing the cost needed to sustain these endeavors.


The Australia Japan foundation has given numerous grants to different individuals and institutions all of which whose projects adhere to the goals and visions of the foundation.The Foundation assesses and weighs grant applications on the likely benefits a given project will bring, rather than the amount actually requested. It exercises substantial flexibility in the amounts disbursed as grants and the conditions attached to these grants. When a project is of exceptional quality, but financially outside the Foundation's resources in funding, it may decide to award the applicant a grant conditional on funds being raised from other sources.

However, even with the diverse range of grants given by the Australia Japan foundation or their policy for giving funding to innovative proposals, grants are not normally available for a number of purposes. Examples of these are capital expenditure in real property, equipment or computer software, or funding support to grant-giving organizations for their respective activities mainly involving their own personnel, to name a few.



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