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The Australia Institute is an independent body of professional individuals united by the common goal of seeking a balanced and well-informed Australia. Through their creativity and relentless search for the ultimate truth and greater good, they come up with innovative ideas and sound policy solutions.

They bring up these studies or discoveries to the public and the government, so they can in turn create a well-informed and balanced opinion or decisions.
The Board of Directors of the Institute is composed of policy experts from various fields of studies such as science and technology, public health, economics and law.

Based in the capital of Australia, Canberra, the Institute delves deeply on all important national issues with the mission to come up with well-researched and objective solutions and present these to the government and to the public.

This gives way to alternative, and sometimes even better, solutions other than just one that is provided by the government.



It opens the mind of the public and teaches them not to readily accept what is presented to them, but instead to question the soundness and viability of a policy before accepting it.

This gives the public a chance to prevent a policy or a program that would otherwise be readily implemented even if it is not the best solution for the problem at hand.

The Institute, being independent and funded solely through membership, commissioned researches and donations from philanthropists, is not influenced by politicians or commercial businesses. In this way, it is able to maintain its objectivity in all its researches and studies. Hence, it stays faithful and true to its vision of a fair and progressive nation.

Australia Institute

The Australia Institute is very well-known, respected and influential when it comes to national issues and concerns.

Its opinion is held with very high regard both by the public and the government.


It is famous for its extensive research works on various public policy issues such as consumer affairs, health and wellness, climate change, trade practices, emission trading, and general employment.


The Institute’s most current advocacy is shaking up the government from its seeming lack of action regarding global warming or climate change. The Institute vigorously endorses renewable energy development for the conservation of energy sources. Being a very influential organization, The Australia Institute has had, and still is having, its own share of criticisms.

It battled a lawsuit in 2007 filed by David Jones department store for its allegedly misleading and deceptive statements, which cited David Jones as one of the proliferating corporate pedophiles that sexualizes children in their advertisements. The Institute was also criticized by the Electronic Frontiers Australia when it proposed mandatory Internet Access filtering on Internet Service Providers.




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