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Australia is one of the very few brave national governments to take a huge step in trying to save the planet earth. As early as 2004, Australia has made a very big and bold decision to phase out incandescent bulbs from the entire continent by year 2010.


This bold action will help greatly in the reduction of precious energy waste.

The incandescent light bulbs will be replaced by more fuel-efficient, energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. Australia would even go as far as to imposing an energy efficiency standard on every product.
So, people would really be forced to use compact fluorescent light bulbs because there is no way that those incandescent light bulbs will measure up to these strict standards.



Should it follow through its plan, Australia may well be it world’s first entire nation to totally eradicate the use of incandescent light bulbs.

The minister of environment, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, believes that Australia would have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions down to 4 million metric tons per year at least by 2015. Household lighting costs would also be trimmed down by 66%.

This should be a good motivation to all as you are not only saving money from reduced electricity bills but also helping save the planet.

This course of action may seem very trivial to some but is considered a very bold and huge step because it requires change from every citizen of this beautiful continent.
Australia Incandescent

Both business places and homes will be affected. It’s not easy getting rid of what you are used to, especially replacing it with something more expensive that some people might think an unnecessary waste.


However, this is all for the good of everybody in the long-run and especially for the future generation.

However, there are critics who argue that however noble this action may be, the government would still fall short of its 597 million ton per year target reduction.


Oh well, there would always be critics around in every single thing that suggests change. Most people… and it is a very normal reaction, fear change.


They always tend to settle in a comfort zone and never want to leave there, but really should. Especially for something like this that would benefit all of humankind.

Saving the planet is a very tough and daunting feat, indeed. But we would be very bad and doomed people if we don’t give it a try.
Every nation in the world should follow suit.



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