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Australia Immigration



Immigration in Australia

Australia immigration has played a vital and significant part in the development and further industrial growth of the country.

The contribution of immigrants to the culture, prosperity and society could never be downplayed. It is very obvious and logical why the Australian government itself has always been active and warm in luring and welcoming immigrants from all over the world. Australia immigration is very active in recruiting professionals and highly skilled workers to come and be part of the productive workforce.  In return, such people are given the opportunity to settle in the country for good.Immigration is also up for people who aim to permanently live in Australia, those returning from overseas, tourists, students, educators, businessmen and employers.



Australia is also very much open for immigrants who are part of various humanitarian and refugee programs. In the past two years, about 148,000 immigrants were granted by the Australian government with migration privileges under the country’s Skill and Family Streams of the Local Migration Program.

About 493,000 tourists were granted temporary entry visas to conduct businesses and work, entertain, study, work for the holiday and play sport. It is estimated that more than half of this number stays up for good eventually. In the same period, about 13,000 people are given humanitarian entries, giving such people opportunity to rebuild lives and flee from suffering and persecution in their home countries.

Australia Immigration

Australia immigration posts significant impact to the country. First, the economic impact is great that Australia acknowledges the need to constantly recruit skilled laborers. Immigrants aid economic and business expansion, widening of government services and boosting of tax income. Studies and analyses have shown that Australia immigration contribute greater taxes than its consumption of benefits, good and services from the government.  Migration has also contributed well to the population. Australia is a huge nation, in fact it is a continent. However, its population is very lean, posing limitations to economic growth and development. As of 2006, national population only stood at about 19.9 million.


About one in every four people in the country is not naturally born in Australia, or is an immigrant. The United Kingdom is the top source of Australia immigrants, followed by New Zealand, China, Taiwan, and Italy.

With today’s setting, almost all developed nations are shedding jobs due to the global financial crisis. The doors closing on other countries are complemented by Australia, where many doors of employment and economic opportunities are opened every now and then. It seems that the country always needs laborers and skilled workers. Thus, Australia immigration is set to remain very much alive and active in luring and recruiting able and productive manpower from all over the world. Australia is indeed a great migration destination.



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