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Australia Holidays



Holidays in Australia

A beautiful country like Australia can’t have enough holidays to enjoy all the fun experiences it can offer.

But of course, we can only be given enough. Australia has more or less a total of 17 public holidays, but is designated on a territory or state basis.


Only the national public holidays are enjoyed all throughout the country and they are: Australia Day, ANZAC Day, and of course, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Christmas and New Year’s Day are celebrated along with the rest of the world on the 25th of December and 1st of January, respectively.

Christmas and New Year in Australia are very much like in other parts of the world because of the many immigrants that came to settle in the land and brought their holiday culture with them.



It has all the glitz and glam of every famous city in the world—the bright lights, Christmas trees and other festive Christmas decors.

Every home also practices the tradition of solemn dinner with family, relatives and close friend—sharing good company and an abundance of good food and drinks.

Australia Holidays

Australia Day is commemorated on the 26th of January. This is the day when Captain Arthur Phillip established the first English Settlement at Port Jackson in 1788.


Commemoration of this day in all states and territories commenced in 1946, but actual celebration did not begin until 1994.

Meanwhile, ANZAC Day is remembered in all of Australia every 25th of April. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.


And this holiday honors the fallen but brave Australian citizens who served or fought for the country during the World War I.


This celebration include the “Dawn Services”, veterans marching, recital of the poem “For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon.


Labor Day, which is observed in all parts of Australia, differs in date of celebration in various states and territories. In the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), South Australia and New South Wales, Labor Day is observed every first Monday of October.


First Monday of March is the observance in Western Australia; second Monday of March it is, in Tasmania and Victoria; and first Monday of May in the Northern Territory and Queensland.


Although differing in dates, the states and territories remembers the same thing—the Australian Labour Movement’s achievement in the welfare promotion of the labor force.

Holidays in Australia

Other holidays observed in Australia are the following:
2nd Monday of February Royal Hobart Regatta
2nd Monday of March Adelaide Cup
Canberra Day
Eight Hours Day
1st Monday of May May Day

1st Monday of June Foundation Day

2nd Monday of June Queen’s Birthday
1st Monday of August Picnic Day
1st Monday of November Recreation Day
1st Tuesday of November Family and Community Day
Melbourne Cup
26th of December Boxing Day
Proclamation Day



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