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Countries of the current civilized world are maintaining diplomatic relations and links with each other.

Australia has about 80 embassies, consulates and High Commissions across the world.

These embassies serve as representatives of the Australian government in different nations and regions globally.

As a standard practice, Australian embassies also function to serve, assist and defend Australian citizens that are in other countries, whether for migration, investments or tours.

The embassies are also tasked to accept and process applications of other nationals for Australian travel visas. Embassies are located at capital cities of countries.



Government representative offices in other countries are called consulates if the sites are situated outside the capital city of a nation.  In other countries, such representations are not called embassies or consulates, but as High Commissions, which are headed by appointed High Commissioners.


As mentioned, most Australian government representations worldwide are called embassies. There are several Australian High Commissions. In general, High Commissions are diplomatic missions established between Commonwealth countries, like Australia. Some of Australian high Commissions are to be found in Ottawa, Canada; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Valetta, Malta; and London, United Kingdom. These offices are still held and maintained by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


The most popular and interesting Australia High Commission is in London. The office is located at a building called Australia House, an edifice that has been accommodating several other agencies of Australian federal and state governments, like the Menzies Centre for Australia Studies, Materiel, Austrade, Defence and the National Library of Australia and Public Affairs.

Australia House has been among the major landmarks across Strand. The building’s was built in 1913, but was officially inaugurated and opened in August 1918 by King George V.

Australian High Commission


The site was in a triangular shaped piece of land. The structure was designed by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie, a Scottish architect. Australia House is more popular these days as its grand interior was made the site of the Gringotts Bank in the phenomenal movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone.

The High Commission site in London also held a significant role in the overall history of Australian embassies. The site of Australia House was used in 1939 as an office of the country’s external affairs officer to Great Britain. After World War II, Australia House was retained as a site of Australia’s diplomatic relations with London.

By 1940, two other external affairs offices were established in Ottawa and Tokyo. From there, the Australian government kept on putting up more embassies, consulates and High Commissions across the globe. Now, Australians are served and accessed by the government anywhere they can be.



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