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Australia is undeniably one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It has the most diverse habitat and ecosystem, which make it all the more beautiful. This myriad flora and fauna species that makes Australia exotically lovely are dependent on the balance of things in nature.

Now, we all know that beauty can be intrinsically fragile. So when the balance of things is disturbed, expect things to go awfully wrong.

One disaster in one ecosystem could and would surely affect the next ecosystem that is dependent on the first one. And then affect the next that is dependent on the second one. Thus, this would create a domino effect that would bring the downfall of the whole network of ecosystems that are dependent on one another.



And this is what is bound to happen if, or when, global warming strikes.Every nation in the world should be concerned about the dangers of global warming because the threats are real and are fast-approaching.

Evidence of its progression can be seen from the North Pole to the South Pole. Ice glaciers are melting and thereby disturbing the natural order of things in the oceans. The Australia, having the most diverse of habitat and ecosystem, lies naked and vulnerable to the ghastly effects of global warming. Its pretty but fragile coral reefs can easily be swept away and thus ruin the habitat of many a great species of rare sea animals.

The Great Barrier Reef for example, has already been experiencing bleaching over the past decades because of the rise in water temperature. At the rate things are heating up, the Great Barrier Reef along with all the sea animals dependent on coral communities could be killed.
Australian Global Warming

Bushfires are also of major concern that comes along with the global warming issue.Because of the increase in temperature, bushes and trees dry up at a very fast rate and become prone to combustion and yes, eventually fires.


Being an arid environment already, this poses a serious threat in the forest ecosystem of Australia. A lot of animals will lose their homes should these fires occur more often.

These dangers are disastrous already on their own. The adverse effect on plant and animal life cannot be denied. It would be a terrible loss to watch beautiful rainforests, coral reefs, even deserts and their inhabitants die.

It would be devastating to see the once beautiful land of Australia to get wither and die. And what about the people? You can already guess, I think…


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