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Australia produces a extensive range of greatly wanted after farming, aquatic and forestry products. Australia exports internationally recognized produce which is top grade and noted for being free of pests and agricultural diseases. Australia's geographic location make it an ideally positioned starting point to supply to various markets in Europe, Asia, and America specially during the winter months where other produce are in a decline or even unavailable.As a modern trading nation, Australia exports a diversified reliable provider of a number of high quality goods and services.

Catering to over 200 countries with a sophisticated import market for products from all over the world, Australia’s export remains one of the most competitive and growing trade in the globe.


Australia’s sea and air export ports are dynamic and competent.
Australia Export

The ports located at Sydney and Melbourne found on Australia’s east coast are considered as key trading centers for manufactured goods.


Key industrial products and resources, ranging from coal, iron, to a collection of other resources and various minerals are processed and shipped from major facilities from around the country's ports.


Although Australia’s major export sector is minerals and fuels, manufacturing is also a chief part of the trade economy. Advanced manufactured items also referred as ‘elaborately transformed manufactures (ETM’s) account to around 60% of Australia’s total manufactured exports.


Most of the companies engaged in producing these goods and products are integrated into an international supply chain, a major link and one of the key manufacturing trends. One of Australia’s initiatives was bringing together the Cairns Group, a coalition of 19 exporting nations mostly centered in the agricultural sector. The group has become an significant voice for the liberalization of agricultural trade.

Australia’s Export volumes as reported to have increased by 1.7 % in the December quarter of 2009 to be $59.0 billion, to a reported 3.1 % higher through the year. Over the 10 years straight to the December quarter of 2009, Australian export volumes have increased significantly by 23.2 % reciprocated by an export value increase of 85.9%. Parramatta, Penrith, Queanbeyan, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga, and Wollongong.


In relation to the Australian export, the Australian dollar rose considerably in relation against the US dollar exchange.

The foreign exchange appreciation on a trade/ export happened during the latter half of the year 2009. In the following year, a fractional reversal was experienced.
Australia’s export and terms of trade lessened in the quarter months of June quarter 2009 after experiencing a long phase of solid growth.


Since then, the terms of trade have strengthened. China is Australia's largest export merchandise. their total accounts to $42.4 billion in 2009 alone

Australian Export


This value is seconded by Japan with ($38.2 billion), the Republic of Korea being third with ($15.6 billion), India next with ($14.5 billion) and the United States with($9.6 billion).



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