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Australia Environment



Environment in Australia

Australia may be considered one of the most diverse regions when it comes to climate and environment. Because of its wide ranging environment types, Australia is considered as a mega diverse country.
Being near the earth’s South Pole region, some parts of Australia has practically pure Antarctic environment. Places where the winter could be extremely icy cold.


Also because of this geographical location, Australia ranks as the second driest continent after Antarctica. The country has already experienced frequent drought over the years that led to the raising of water security issues by prominent environmentalists in the country; and eventually to the introduction of legal restrictions on water in all parts of Australia.

















But despite this, the country surprisingly has tropical rainforest environment in some areas as well.

Australia Environment


Places where the grass is perennially green and the water so pristinely blue, making it a very habitable environment for a lot of interesting variety of plant and animal species.


And because of its very diverse environment and extreme weather patterns, most of the plants and animals in Australia are endemic to the region.

This uniqueness adds charm to the already enchanting place. Also add to this variety of environment, the industrialized major cities of Australia, some of which are unfortunately considered degraded. Here, a different diversity exists—you will find here a variety of people and culture that has been mixed over the years through the migration of people from different parts of the world.


For some reason, Australia has become one of the most favorite places to migrate or move into for a lot of Asian people.


It could be because of its general friendly atmosphere and amicable treatment to foreigners, its beautiful landscape and sceneries, or the seemingly laid-back and easy life.

There are plenty of job opportunities here, good schools and a very promising future for those who want a fresh start. Now, the rest of Australia that has not yet been mentioned is composed of desert or semi-arid environment.


A large part of the country is covered by sandy deserts, especially in the northwestern and central part. If we are to combine all of the Australian deserts, it would cover 18 percent of the whole continent. And that is about 529,000 square miles or 1,371,000 square kilometers.

Environment Australia

These areas are where most of what they call the Australian Outback can be found. There is really no particular place that is called “outback”.

Wherever place that is far from the city and civilization can be called “outback”. This type of environment is equally interesting and has its own charming biota.



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