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Australia Employment



Employment in Australia

According to the latest Organization Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Economic outlook for 2010-2011, Australia's employment and economic growth outlook is amongst the best for this year.

To The OECD’s observation on the global recovery points to a continued risk despite the widespread state of recovery.


This is particularly true from the standpoint of the still state of instability in a number of European independent debt markets.
The report reflects a strong economic management. Australia’s employment status nowadays is a testament on how the country fought off global recession.

Another testament is the returning budget surplus three years early as estimated and halving the country’s peak debt.
The report also discusses Australia’s employment estimates on achieving the Government’s objective for enhanced learning and employment results across all sectors of Australian society – from an individual early childhood through the course of his career to retirement.

The OECD report illustrates that Australian Government finances are amongst the strongest in the developed world, reporting lower debt than any of the other countries.

 This factor ensures that there is substantial finances and capital to ensure that Australia’s employment state can sustained with the pull of a promising economy for investors, foreign and local alike.
The report also places interest in the significance of growth-enhancing restructuring. This would guarantee the country can grow sustainably over the standard term. Sustainable growth will be one of the main topics of the upcoming G20 Financial Meetings. It is also one of the key points in ensuring growth in Australia’s employment.

It's in Australia's best interests to pursue and keep doing the exceptional work through the G20 meetings and the OECD reports.

Australia Employment

This would facilitate in building a sustainable worldwide revitalization, all the while maintaining the flexibility of each country to pursue what is right for their own economy. Another approach by the government in sustaining Australian employment rates is realizing higher educational preparation.

These upgrades engender up to approximately $50 billion additional economic output for the Australian employment and economy rates annually.

Australian Emloyment

This average serves as an estimate for duration of the next 30 years. That would be an equivalent to $1850 per person. An estimate of 181,000 additional Australian employment opportunities could be generated yearly on average over the said period.

The independent report says that bracing the skills and ability levels of Australians and as long as better aid for working families, which the Australian Government current policies in education and employment are doing now, help sustain more than an added 500,000 jobs annually and improve Australia’s employment and economy by $4,000 a person.


The Australian government is working double time to secure Australia’s employment and economic future. All the while building a stronger financial system for Australian families in the process.



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