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Australia Dialing Code



Dialing Code in Australia


Do you need to call someone in Australia from another country? Before you pick up the phone to make that call, you need to first take note of Australia dialing code.

If you are within the country, there will not be much problem. But if you are elsewhere, you may not be able to talk to the party you are calling if you do not follow certain directions. In general, an international dialing prefix is required when making an offshore call to anywhere in the world.

There is a specific Australia dialing code, just as there are specific country calling codes assigned to the US, the UK and all other nations.

The calling codes are assigned by the Geneva, Switzerland-based ITU-T or the International Telecommunication Union’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector. The general standard international call prefix is 00. However, there are many exceptions. As mentioned, Australia is one of those.

Instead of dialing 00 before dialing an international number plus its prefix, 0011 is used, as it is the international call prefix assigned to the country.


To demonstrate, suppose you are to make a similar call to the UK from Japan, which has 010 as its international access code. Dial 010 44 567697.

How about calling to Australia from anywhere in the world? The same telecom rule apply.



If you are calling from the US, the international access code is 011.The country calling code of Australia is 61. Thus, you will dial 011 + 61 + assigned area code + 8-digit local telephone number.

Australia Dialing Code

For example, dial 011 61 2 56986969. What is an area or city code? If you are dialing an Australian number and you are within an Australian territory, there is no need to add an international call prefix.


There is a difference between a country calling code and an international call prefix.


The first is required to be pressed or dialed when calling to a country, while the latter is used in dialing from a country.


In Australia, the international call prefix (also called international access code) is 0011.


For example, if you will call a landline number in the UK from Australia, you have to dial 0011 first before proceeding to dial the actual UK phone number.


Suppose the landline number is 567697.


The country calling code of the UK is 44. Thus, from Australia, you have to dial 0011 44 567697.


However, if you are calling a person who is in another area or city, there are area codes. For example, if you are in Adelaide and you are calling a landline located in Sydney, the local area code is 2.

If you are in Adelaide and you are calling a landline also in Adelaide, there is no need to dial 2, just proceed to dial the 8-digit telephone number. Check out area code lists available from your phone service provider.



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