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Australia Customs



Customs in Australia


So, you are visiting Australia as a tourist or you’re looking for a new place to move in.

You will need to know what to expect when going through the Australia customs or any country’s customs for that matter. Here are what you should know and follow:
As a standard operating procedure in any airport or custom clearance, you should have your passports and incoming passenger card ready.

An officer will process and return your documents before you can proceed to the baggage hall and the baggage examination area.

If traveling with the not-so usual essentials, which you can’t part with,

you must declare them ahead so as to avoid confusion or confiscation of such.



You have to declare firearms, ammunitions and any kind of weapon. These include real ones, replicas and toys that resemble the real ones.

Other things considered as weapons are knives, blowpipes, crossbows, nunchukas, paintball markers, knuckle dusters and all other electric shock devices. These may be permitted entry pending safety testing and police authorization.

Australia Customs

To avoid confusing with illicit drugs, vitamins, prescription medicines, including herbal, traditional and alternative medicines must be declared to the Customs.


Performance and image enhancing drugs must also be declared upon arrival.

Examples of these drugs are DHEA, growth hormones, and all andronegic and anabolic steroids.


These kinds of substances require a permit to be imported to Australia.

If you’re traveling with a pet, their drugs and medicines should also be declared and cleared with a permit.

Australia Customs does not limit the amount of money you can bring in or out of the country. However, money exceeding 10,000 Australian Dollar must be declared.


Sometimes the Customs requires the accomplishment of a Bearer Negotiable Instruments or BNI form for personal checks, travelers checks, promissory notes, and postal as well as money orders.

Biological goods are also required to be declared and quarantined by the Australia Customs. These include animal, plants, foods, sands and soils and all other biological materials. Even equipment used with animals also needs to be declared. Failure to do so might result to prosecution or payment of penalty.

Australia makes it a point to protect its wildlife hence traditional medicinal and regulated products cannot be imported or exported without passing through the Customs’ strict rules and regulations.


These include caviar, coral, ivory products, orchids and other hunting trophies.

Heritage-listed goods such as artworks, collection of coins, stamps, archaeological objects, minerals and other specimens also need clearance from the Customs.

Customs in Australia


The last and the most sensitive goods that require clearance from the Customs are the goods categorized under defense and strategic equipment.

These include, but are not limited to biological agents, lasers and sensors, explosives, military vehicles, and other advance technologies and mechanisms used in warfare.



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