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Australia Culture



Culture in Australia

The beautiful country of Australia is renowned not only for its luxurious beaches and other tourist places but also for the simplicity and modesty of its people.

Australians are known to be very down to earth.

They are always mindful of the things that they say, especially to people they have just met.


They make it appoint that they won’t seem to give the impression of thinking too much of themselves or that they are better than others.


Humility and self-deprecation is very much evident in Australian culture.

Since Australians are modest and humble, they expect and like the same in other people.



However, these greetings may sound overly patronizing when coming from a foreigner, so a simple “Hi” or “Hello” would suffice.

Australia Culture

They also prefer to use first names even on first meetings; except maybe when addressing older people or people with seniority in ranks or positions in school or the government.

In social gatherings, it is customary to bring a bottle of wine or what they call a BYO or bring your own food, or a plate of some dish to contribute to the host of the party and share with other guests.


It is also expected to RSVP the person who invited you if you are coming to the gathering or not. The same thing if you are going to be late, you are expected to notify your host.


And as such, they try not to draw or give too much attention to their achievements in life whether it is academic or business.

They maintain a low profile and even downplay their achievements and successes. They don’t like bragging and showing off and so they distrust people who do.

Australians also have a very good sense of humor and they like being around funny people they can share some laughs with.

The people of Australia are not very formal. Greetings are the usual Australian accented, “G’day!” or “G’day, mate!” 

Because of their humble nature, Australians may seem to be not achievement-oriented. But the otherwise is true.


They are just very direct and matter of fact when it comes to doing business. They do not require long-standing personal relationships before they engage in business with a person.


They also do not require a lot of talking as they get down to business right away. They prefer brevity and straightforwardness in all their business transactions.

Culture in Australia

Discussing the nitty-gritty details does not impress them much. They’d rather talk about the big picture and the end result and then just bother about the details afterwards.




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