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Cricket in Australia

Cricket is a very popular bat and ball team sport in Australia, first documented game of which was played in southern England in the 16th century.

It became so popular that it was made the national sport of England by the turn of the 18th century.


Cricket was thereafter played in overseas as well, which was spread wide with the help of the British Empire expansion during the middle of the 19th century.

Today, the exciting cricket sport is being enjoyed by over 100 countries all over the world.

In Australia, they have a custodian of the cricket game for a better management and monitoring of its every development and contribution in the country’s sports history.



This custodian is none other than the Cricket Australia, which consists of six member cricket associations namely, Cricket New South Wales; Cricket Victoria; Queensland Cricket; South Australian Cricket Association; Tasmanian Cricket Association; and Western Australian Cricket Association.

The sports custodian is headed by 14 board of directors, who are appointed by each of the mentioned member associations.

The distribution of authority among these member associations are as follows: three directors from New South Wales; three from Victoria, two from Queensland; another three from South Australia; one from Tasmania; and the last two from Western Australia. These board of directors focus on the strategy in the governance of the game.


Also, Cricket Australia is supervised by a Senior Management Team with an estimated 60 personnel working full time. A Chief Executive Officer leads this management team and answers to Board of Directors for any and all responsibility for the overall function and maintenance of the game. He is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan and management of the sports custodian’s operations.

To Cricket Australia, with its vast scope, also maintains six other departments than the Executive Department to which the CEO and the Directors belong. Other departments include the Marketing Team, which drives and consolidate revenue-raising and prospective business activities for the Australian Cricket.

The Operations Team, which manages all the Australian teams especially at international level, facilitates the country’s premier domestic competitions, including the Pura Cup and the ING Cup and supervises all umpiring;


the Finance and Business team, which is responsible for all operating expenses and monetary-related matters; the Game Development Team, which supervises all development activities of the cricket game, from the grassroots level up to its highest; the Legal and Business Affairs Team, which takes care of all the legal matters and aids the organization in formulation and implementation of business strategies.

Australia Cricket


Lastly, the Public Affairs Team, which is responsible for the planning and implementation of Cricket Australia’s communication programs, making sure that every stockholder is up to date about the game.

Given all the organization’s efforts in all aspects of the game, from being a simple sport to the complexities of it as a business, it is so evident that Cricket Australia is serious about the game. It gives importance to the rights of every Australian player to an active independent organization that would take care of them.



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