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Australia Country Code



Country Code in Australia

Australia is always connected to any other nation anywhere in the world.


The advancement of the telecommunication technology has made it easier to call anyone in Australia and to call anyone wherever in the world from Australia.

Thus, it would be most helpful if people, especially travelers, will be oriented to the active Australia country code.

Each country in the world is assigned a corresponding country code for telecommunications purposes.

A telephone country code is a prefix applied to any telephone number used when calling to any phone number in other nations.



Callers need to dial the prefix country code before dialing the telephone number, be it a landline fixed phone or a mobile phone.


In some cases, there is also a need to dial the specific area code of the city or state after the country code prefix. There are tables available from telecom firms and hotels indicating country and area codes worldwide.

Country codes are grouped and are assigned based on the general geographic locations. Australia is included in Zone 6, which covers nations and territories within Oceania and South Pacific. The Australia country code is 61.


The code applies to all of Australia as well as territories in the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island. The nearby country of New Zealand is assigned a country code of 64. Each state and cities in Australia are also assigned specific area codes.


For example, if you are calling someone located in Adelaide, South Australia, dial 61 and then 08, the first is the country code and the latter is the specific area code.


Then dial the phone number. Other cities in other states have their own area codes. To know more about such codes, you could visit the Australian telephone code sites or ask hotel reception personnel.

Country and area codes could also be accessed in yellow pages published and distributed by telephone service providers.

What is the importance of country codes? To the telecommunications industry, country and area codes are most useful so that global networks would never be interchanged. 

The numbers also facilitate organization and are helping users avoid confusion. Codes also help prevent chances or occurrences of wrong and inaccurate connections. If you are within Australia and you need a national direct dialing service, there is no need to use Australia country code. Just determine the specific area code of the person you are calling and make the number the prefix of the phone digits. Within the same state, the area code does not change.


There are changes when the call is inter-state. As for costs of calls, telephone services providers should be asked. International direct dialing services are more expensive than NDD calls. The rates could also vary depending on the service providers. Some telecom firms provide cheaper services, while others may be a little costly.



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