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Australia is one of the few nations that place great value on its culture, arts and entertainment and at the same time afford to do so. Australia consists of citizens with higher ideals and aspirations.

They are a great appreciator of the arts. It is for this passion that the Australia Council was created in 1973 during the Whitlam government.

In March 1975, the council was given authority through the Australia Council Act, making it the official arts council.


Also known as the Australia Council for the Arts, this institution is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies that further advances the arts in the whole country.



Also part of its role is the funding of various arts projects and ensuring that the money is spent wisely on projects that are worth funding.

Australia Council

The council assesses every project carefully if it passes its criteria of projects before it provides funding for it.


Its vision is also aimed at making the art a very sufficiently compensated career path to attract more and more creative talents.


Australia Council also provides sound advices on whatever issue that concerns arts.


The council makes it its mission to inspire and enrich the lives of every citizen of Australia through quality arts and entertainment.


It makes it a point to produce rich and quality arts and make it accessible for all people.


Australian Council strives to bring down the barrier that keeps common people outside the beautiful world of arts.


It strives to rouse the interest and appreciation of people for the arts by educating them and enabling them to actively participate in the performance and creation of art. Australia Council dutifully abides by the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). The council keeps a comprehensive archive of information about the organization and makes it available to any member of the public by request. Most of the basic information is readily found at the council’s website in downloadable forms. For more detailed requirement, any member of the public may address their request for access to the Chief Executive Officer through the Manager, legal and compliance.

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A minimal application fee of $30 and certain FOI charges, depending on the volume of the documents requested, should be paid within 30 days after the request has been made.
Documents are available both in electronic and printed forms. The office of the Council can easily be reached telephone, email, fax, postal address or right at their office address at 372 Elizabeth corner Cooper Street, Surrey Hills NSW 2010.



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