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Canberra is the beautiful urban center of the Australian Capital Territory or ACT. With an area of 814.2 sq. km, the city is home to approximately 347,000 people.

Strategically located near the Brindabella Ranges, or the Brendy Bear Ranges along the east coast, it serves as a great starting point to explore and discover the abundant treasures of Australia’s surrounding regions.

Canberra houses lots of tourist attractions such as breathtaking coastlines, historic townships, natural beauties and wonders, and of course, the world-renowned Snowy Mountains.

For those both lovers of history and the arts, they would find Canberra Museum and Gallery a haven for local arts and history.

A number of historic homes such as the Blundells’ Cottage, the Mugga-Mugga, and the Lanyon and Tuggeranong Homesteads can also be found in Canberra.

These peculiar old homes showcase the way of life of the European settlers of the olden times. Local people and tourists alike never tire of admiring these elegant homes of the early years of Canberra, Australia.


For lovers of nature’s beauties and wonders, they can go to the Australian Botanic Gardens, which can be found on Black Mountain.


Canberra’s historic sites include a number of institutions and national monuments like the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia,

the Australian War Memorial, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Museum of Australia and the National Archives of Australia.

Three of its most famous Commonwealth buildings are the High Court, the Parliament House and the Royal Australian Mint.

These highly revered government edifices and some others are open for public viewing, so tourist can satiate their hunger for history and nostalgic experience.

Australia Capital


The mountain itself is already a beautiful wonder, a bushland abundant in native wildlife. You can also find here the interesting Black Mountain Tower, also known as Telstra Tower, which is a famous landmark in the city.
Australia Capital City

It is a telecommunication tower that also serves people to enjoy panoramic views of Canberra and the neighboring countryside.


As usual ingredients of being a city, Canberra is also home to many amusement scenes such as music bars, theaters,


large venues for concerts and other major entertainment productions.


Its long list of huge venues includes, The Albert Hall, The Llewellyn Hall,

The Playhouse, The Canberra Theater and The Street Theater.


The city is packed with bars and nightclubs, especially along Dickson and Kingston streets. This entertainment-packed city is also the home of the Australia’s famous hip-hop duo—Koolism.



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