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Bureau of Statistics in Australia

Statistics has always been a significant and integral factor of national governments’ decision making.

All throughout the year, Australian parliament legislators and authorities are commissioning statistical studies to further understand quantitative information crucial to governance.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is the central and key statistical authority funded, run and commissioned by the federal government.

The main mission of the government statistical agency is to provide assistance to the government in making informed decisions through quantitative research.

The agency is mandated to back the government as well as the community especially in attaining a responsive statistical service and high-quality objective.



There is no doubt that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has always been recognized as among the country’s most important institutions.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is known as a main contributor to Australian democracy especially as it supports decision making in the community and in local, state and national governments.

While doing its purpose in all its capacity, the institution is strictly adhering to its core values and to its responsibilities as well.

Since its foundation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has used its values as its effective guide towards realizing goals and rendering real service.


Australia Bureau of Statistics

Brief history

In December 8, 1905, the Census and Statistics Act was promulgated, giving rise to the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, the direct predecessor of the current statistics institution.


In its initial existence, the CBCS coordinated with each Australian state’s statistical offices.


Together, the institutions functioned to produce regular national data. In 1924, Tasmania’s statistical office combined with CBCS. In the 1950s, all states’ statistics bodies were finally unified within CBCS. The CBCS was scrapped in 1974 and was replaced by the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS).


The following year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act was set as an effective statutory authority.

The institution has been led by a permanent head, who has been directed to report to the national treasurer.

Regular functions
As a government institution, ABS has its own set of responsibilities and tasks. ABS has a specific timetable. It has regular commissioned studies covering necessary and core subjects, including national population, housing, research and development and key national indicators.


The agency also has surveys, research and statistical studies released monthly, annually or biennially.

The information attained and released by ABS are considered absolute truth and are serving as basis for appropriate legislative decisions.

Bureau of Stastics Australia


Some of the most sought-after and anticipated studies regularly conducted and released by ABS are the annual R&D Business survey and biennial polls like R&D Higher Education, R&D General Government and R&D Private Non-profit Sector. Other data covered by the agency include labour, production, inflation, demography, national accounts, housing finance and investments.



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