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Australia Army



Army in Australia

The army of Australia is part of the Australian Defence Force and the Royal Australian Navy, and is the military land of the country.

The one commanding is the Chief of the Army.


The Australian soldiers have been participating in different conflicts when you go along the Australian history.

The history of the Australian Army is in different parts.


Over eighty years ago the professional soldiers of the continent of Australia were the sections of British Army garrisons.


For the Second Boer War there were contingents were sent to South Africa.


Australia Army

The army of Australia is disposed in different main operations:


Operation slipper the Australian force is mainly concentrated in Afghanistan to the War of Terror.

Operation Anode is another operation.

Operation Paladin is the longest still going operation, the Australian force have been serving since 1956.


This operation known as Operation Paladin is the help of the army to the UN Truce Supervision Organisation which has been founded in 1948 to control the consent made at the end of the first Arab /Israeli War.


Operation Catalyst operates in Iraq and has an embassy security system providing protection the personal of the Australian Embassy in Baghdad where around hundred people.


Operation Astute is the largest overseas Australian force deployed with some nine hundred troops.


The force is mainly formed in a battle group the Anzac Battle Group which is consisted of armoured vehicles and engineers.


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