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Animals in Australia

Australia is the smallest continent of the world located in Oceania between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The country has a population of over twenty million.

In Australia, there is also a large of number of animals which are unique to country.

When talking about Australia, the main animals that one thinks of are: kangaroos, koalas.

But there are other animals as the crocodiles, wombats, whale, thorny devil, goannas, parrots, platypus, penguin, sea dragons,

Australian furseal, giant cuttlefish, yabby, red kangaroos, sawfish, great white sharks, Oystercatcher, owls, echidna, Tasmanian tiger known as thylacine, wallaby, Green ant tree and the snake necked turtle.

These are a part of the list of the unique animals to Australia, there are more.Here are some information about the different animals from Australia talked above.



Crocodile: In Australia thee are two types of crocodiles, the fresh and salt water crocodiles. The biggest world crocodiles are the salt water crocodile.The two types of crocodiles look different; the fresh water crocodiles have a narrower snout and are smaller than the salt water crocodiles.

Salt water crocodiles can live in both salty and fresh water while fresh water crocodile can mainly live in fresh water to very slightly salty.The Australian are mainly found along the northern coast to two hundred kilometres inland, from Rockhampton on Queensland to Broome in Western Australia.

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The two Australian crocodiles type like as habitat mainly watery regions where tidal rivers meet the sea, sometimes found also in open sea or inland fresh water billabongs and swamps.
The salty water crocodiles are very strong and can eat larger animals. The young crocodiles feed on smaller fishes, insects and crustaceans. The larger crocs also eat carrion if they are hungry.
The salty water crocs lay their eggs in a nest in vegetation while the fresh water crocs lay their eggs in sand.


The sex of the baby crocodiles is determined by the temperature at which the eggs are kept. At around thirty one degrees Celsius the eggs will become male and hotter or colder it will be a female.
The Estuarine crocodile became since 1970 became a protected species.


There is in Australia three different species of wombats which are herbivorous marsupial. The wombats usually have longs claws which are used for digging; they live in burrows from where they come out at night to feed.
The three species are the northern hairy nose wombats, the common wombats and the southern hairy nose wombats.
The northern hairy nose wombat is for Australia the most endangered mammal.The northern hairy nose wombats are found in only one in the world, in the Epping Forest National Park in central Queensland. In the past, during the nineteenth century the northern hairy wombat was also found in Victoria and New South Wales.
These mammals feed night with grasses, roots and herbs.The name comes from its muzzle which is full of short brown hairs. The northern hairy nose wombat can weigh up to forty kilos. The animal is strong with short powerful legs. It has soft and silky fur and usually brown in color.

The breeding period is during the wet season in Australia from November to April. There is a preservation program decided in order to protect the most endangered mammal species of Australia.


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The common wombats are the most common wombats found known as Vombatus ursinus. It is easy to recognize the common to its relatives the northern and southern hairy nose wombats by its nose which is not hairy; it has also a rounder head and smaller ears. They have a nickname known as Bulldozers of the Bush because they are strong and can move heavy things on their way as farmer’s fences. The common wombats are found in Victoria, New South Wales, south eastern South Australia, and Tasmania. Their main habitats are usually forested areas where the ground can be burrowed.


The common wombats from Australia can dig tunnels from two to twenty meters long. The common wombats as its relatives are herbivorous and feed on mainly grass and look for food mainly during the night and can spend hours browsing for food.



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