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The word echidna comes from the ancient Greek mythology. The name echidna in the greek mythology means “she viper”, it was called “Mother of All Monster”. Hesiod a greek poet described Echidna as a female monster. Echidna mated with Typhoneus who was in the Greek mythology the final son of a Greek goddess, Gaia. Echidnas make part of the Tachyglossidae family. Apart from the platypus, the echidnas are the only surviving monotremes. Monotremes are mammals but instead of giving birth they lay eggs. These mammals are small covered with spines and hair. The Echidna resembles the hedgehogs and porcupines. Echidna has a very small mouth and a toothless jaw. The short-beaked echidna as on the above picture is mostly found in the environment of Australia and New Guinea. This echidna species is smaller than the Zaglossus and has longer hair. The short-beaked echidnas will be mostly found in areas where there are ants and termites, which is their main food; the Zaglossus feeds themselves with insect larvae and worms. The female echidna lays a single egg; the hatchings procedure needs around ten days and the baby is called a puggle.



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