Australia Adelaide Classic Architecture







Australia Adelaide Classic Architecture


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In the Botanical Garden of Adelaide, you will be able to discover classic architecture as the Palm House here on this picture. The Palm House is a Victorian glasshouse, (Victorian is a term for architecture it refers to an architectural style), The Palm House was imported from Bremen, Germany in 1875. It was opened in 1877 and was restored in 1995. The Palm House with its magnificent classic architecture is located on the west side of the main lake in the Botanic Garden. It has a large variety of arid flora from Madagascar. The Botanic Garden is 125 acre. The Botanic Garden was first opened in 1857 and received around 1.3 million of visitors per year. The Botanic Gardens is a magnificent garden and is a place not to forget in your excursion and a fabulous garden to make beautiful photos for your souvenir album.



Adelaide Classic Architecture


Australi Adelaide Tram


Australia Adelaide Achitecture


Australia Adelaide Beach


Australia Adelaide Christmas Tree

 Christmas Tree

Australia Adelaide City Tram

City Tram

Australia Adelaide Houses


Australia Adelaide Monument


Australia Adelaide Sacrifice

Sacrifice Statue

Australia Adelaide Soldier


Australia Adelaide Statue


Australia Adelaide Town


Australia Adelaide Town Hall

Australia Adelaide Town Hall Building


Australia Adelaide Wakefield


Australia Adelaide Classic Architecture

Classic Architecture


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