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Here is a picture of a tram in the street of Adelaide, in Australia. A tram is a vehicle that is lighter than a train as a trolley, streetcar, and tramcar. A tram was designed to transport passengers sometimes also goods between town, cities and villages. The tram is railborne vehicle. The Glenelg tram in Australia for example is a tram that operates a way of 10.8 km. It goes from the centre of Adelaide to the beach of Glenelg. The Glenelg is part of the Adelaide Metro network. The rail route was built in 1873 by the Adelaide Glenelg and Suburban Railway Company which is a private company. The tram line was constructed differently as it is now. In the past it was operated with steam locomotives and not electric trams. In April 2005 the South Australian Government gave $21 million to extend the tram system by 1.2 km to connect it through King William Street to North Terrace and to Adelaide Railway Station. But the constructed has not yet started.







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