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Australia’s official name is Commonwealth of Australia with Canberra as capital. Australia is an insular continent situated in the Asia’s South-East. With an area of 7.713.360 square kilometres, Australia is the smallest continent in the world. The clime varies from tropical-monsoon to temperate and the Australian dollar is the currency. The most important cities are: Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. About 95% of the inhabitants are Caucasians, 60% of them having Anglo-Saxon provenances but there are Australians with various ethnic provenances, from German to Greek, Chinese or Lebanon.


The national language in Australia is English. Most of the Australians speak English although the immigrants continue to speak their national language in families and with the friends. The religions of Australia are Catholic, Anglican and other Christian religions. Australian government supported the culture’s development; many cities built new art galleries or extended the existent ones. Sydney Opera House is the perfect example of the architectural talent own by Australians.


The economy of the country is situated between 15 of the world, while the GDP is between the first 20. Australia is very rich in natural resources such as: petroleum, gases, charcoal, gold, bauxite, uranium and iron ore.

The charcoal and the petroleum represent 20% of the earnings through exports, the minerals and the ores about 25% and the gold about 8%. The agriculture has a significant percent in GDP comparing with other advanced countries, Australia producing wool (the biggest wool producer in the world), cow meat, sugar and wheat. The industry of this country represents 1/3 of GDP. 


The Australia’s agriculture represents 5% of GDP, the country also being the second exporter of sheep and one of the biggest wheat exporters. The country exports minerals, wool, meat, industrial and transportation equipment, aluminium. The exports partners are: Singapore, the United States of America, Japan, Great Britain, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and New Zeeland.

Australia imports computers, industrial gear, petroleum and petroleum products and office equipment.

The imports’ partners are: Germany, New Zeeland, Japan, Great Britain and the United States of America. The industry in Australia is represented by steel, mining, alimentary products, the construction of transportation and industrial equipment.


The big cities are connected between them through air, road and rail lines. In cities, the transportation is assured by buses, taxis and subway. The communication system is very efficient, existing national and commercial radios and televisions, as well as about 500 newspapers, from which 60 are daily.





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